Who we are

We were born among zippers. We have been producing this incredible and fascinating product since the fifties of the past century. Quite a long time isn’t it?

The fourth generation of our family is about to step in. We used to produce all kinds of zips, such as coil, metal and injected ones. 


But in recent years we took a foolish decision:



Many friends told us we were crazy. And they were right. We are absolutely mad for our special zippers!

Our plants are based in Italy (Torino) and in China (Wenzhou).

We take care of all the production steps: tape weaving, sliders die-casting, extrusion and final assembly of the elements.

Our peculiar production process was engineered internally to suit our quality and creative needs. All our specific machinery has been designed and created by us.


This is why Nyguard zipper is unique and inimitable.


Our systems are also extremely flexible. That enables us to respond quickly and positively to any customer's desire.

Every day we put all our energies in trying to innovate our technologies and in accepting new design challenges.

The Product


Made of a special resin, with an exclusive process of extrusion of the elements, our zippers guarantee maximum resistance together with flexibility, lightweight and comfort.



More resistant than metal, the color of the chain remains unchanged after treatments. Moreover, there is no risk of chain imprinting or damaging of fabrics.



Nyguard has a very high resistance to basic or acid dye processes, also at high temperatures. This makes it possible to dye the tape and the chain together with the garment.



The chain, built in a very flexible material, is connected to the tape by double stitching, protected in the groove of the teeth. Thanks to this particularity we can obtain at the same time extra-strength, elasticity and resilience giving perfect performance under sudden changes of temperatures, shocks and rubbing.



The chain is very thin and therefore very light and flexible on both sides. This characteristic enables it to follow the line of the fabric without causing waves on it. The flat surface minimizes marking when ironed.



The shape of the teeth confers a soft sliding and a smooth touch, ideal for use in children's clothing. Many codes of practice for the design and manufacture of children’s clothing recommend the use of zips with plastic elements in boys’ trousers. Nyguard is the only available solution for kids trousers that can pass through stone wash or garment dye processes.



Available also in fire retardant and UV resistant version, able to withstand extreme outdoor conditions.



Thanks to the specific production process of NYGUARD we can check  the exact number of teeth on each zipper. For this reason we can always guarantee the interchangeability between halves coming from different zippers in multiple production batches. This characteristic is very useful in all applications where it is necessary to manage separate components independently.



It is possible to obtain infinite chromatic combinations varying and contrasting the color of the tapes, of the teeth and of the stitching threads.




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