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water repellency

NYGALEpro is the evolution of our NYSEAL waterproof zipper.

Designed for apparel applications it is available in closed end for pockets and in open end for front jackets.

It is the best solution for ultra technical garments

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Size #6 - Finishing Closed End or One Way Open End
IPX3: Protecting against heavy sprays of water

Size #8 - Finishing Closed End 
IPX4: Protecting against heavy water splashes


The artwork below explains the structural differences between Standard Spiral and Woven Spiral

 Standard Spiral Zipper

 Woven Spiral Zipper

NYSEAL and NYGALE make the most of the higher stability and consistency of the Woven Spiral zip structure with a special layer of waterproof TPU


Stronger Abrasion Resistance

More Stability and Consistency

Higher Lateral Strength

Flatter Profile

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