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a step forward towards circularity in textiles

Making the most of NYGUARD production process we created Ny2Life. A zipper completely made of one single sustainable material and designed to be recycled, and recycled, and recycled, and recycled......



Concept: Recycled & Recyclable

Developed by Aquafil, Econyl® regenerated Nylon is a product that can help to close the loop. Made of waste from landfills and oceans, it is recycled right back to its original purity. It has the potential to be recycled infinitely without ever losing its quality. The goal is that once the products containing Econyl® regenerated Nylon are no longer useful to customers they can go back into the regeneration process in an endless loop towards a sustainable future.

Concept: Recycled & Trackable

Produced by UNIFI, REPREVE® is the world’s leading branded recycled polymer.

REPREVE® Polyester yarns comes from post-consumer recycled bottles. REPREVE® Nylon is made with pre-consumer, such as industrial waste.

All these polymers contain FiberPrint®, a proprietary tracer technology that permits to analyze and validate directly on the finished products the real content and composition of REPREVE® materials .

Thanks to the U-TRUST® certification process, it is guaranteed the highest level of transparency.

Concept: Mass Balance

With its ChemCycling® project, BASF is breaking new ground in the recycling of plastic waste. Chemical recycling primarily involves the use of plastic waste that has so far been used for energy recovery or landfilled, such as mixed plastic waste or end-of-life tires. In a thermochemical process, BASF’s partners obtain recycled feedstock from these plastics. The secondary feedstock is then fed into the BASF Verbund. Using a mass balance approach, these chemicals can be attributed to specific products manufactured in the Verbund, such as the Ultramid® Ccycled™ products. Fossil raw materials are thus replaced and saved.

Concept: Biodegradable

Developed by Rhodia Solvay, Amni Soul Eco® is the world’s first polyamide with enhanced biodegradability.

When disposed in landfills Amni Soul Eco® degrades in around 5 years, while other synthetics fibers take 50-100 years to decompose.

Its special composition makes it easier for bacteria to reach and digest the discarded material, thus accelerating the biodegradation process under anaerobic landfilling conditions. Moreover Amni Soul Eco®, just like other biodegradable products, after being landfilled, decomposes into organic matter (biomass) and biogas which help to provide new resources for the environment, as well as to produce energy from waste.

Concept: Biobased

Developed by Evonik, Vestamid® Terra monomers are obtained from castor bean oil.

Ricinus communis, the castor bean plant, grows in arid area. Hence its cultivation neither affects food production nor does it cause land use change.

Concept: Craddle to Craddle

OceanSafe core technology comprises of revolutionary synthetic textile fibers and yarns. These materials combine the benefits of conventional natural and synthetic fibers.

Textile products with OceanSafe Certified seal are always circular, biodegradable, toxin-free and Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Gold or higher. In addition, it is possible to establish product take-back systems to close the loop.

At the moment available just in single parts. The complete zipper is under development.

Easy Repair


Cerchio Grande Rit.png

The top stop has been designed to permit an easy slider removal.

In case of accidental breakage of the slider it will no longer be necessary to replace the entire zipper, facilitating the repair of the jacket.

More durable clothing can help to reduce the environmental impact of the textile industry.

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Ny2Life zippers are realized using exactly the same raw materials at the origin of the best sustainable yarns and fabrics available in the market.

Combining zippers and fabrics together it is possible to design mono-material products, completely made of the same sustainable components, easy to be recycled, for a real circular economy. Ny2Life zippers are already part of C2C certified products. Other trims are available in the same range.

Contact us for more details. 

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