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Making the most of NYGUARD production process we created Ny2Life. A zipper completely made of one single sustainable material and designed to be recycled, and recycled, and recycled, and recycled......



Standard zippers are generally made of different metallic and synthetic materials combined together. They are nearly impossible to recycle efficiently and very difficult to produce making use of renewable resources.

Ny2Life is designed to be recycled because it is completely made in one single material. Tape, Teeth, Elements, Slider and Puller are all made in Nylon.


Ny2Life zippers are realized using exactly the same raw materials at the origin of the best sustainable yarns and fabrics available in the market.

Combining zippers and fabrics together it is possible to design mono-material products, completely made of the same sustainable materials, easy to be recycled, for a real circular economy. Other trims are available in the same range. Contact us for more details.

Ny2Life zippers are available in 4 alternative versions matching 4 different concepts of sustainable fabrics:

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